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Our intention is to innovate scientific research in neuroscience, advocate social justice within and outside of the lab, and ultimately produce results that improve our understanding of neurological functions and their behavioral impact.

Current Research

Creating Holistic Science

Our Mission:

The goal of our laboratory is to apply a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to understanding the neurobiological underpinnings of mental illness. We strive for excellence in all we do by believing in the power of curiosity and integrity. Our lab is an inclusive atmosphere where we answer important questions using rigor and teamwork. Importantly, we disseminate our findings to the neuroscientific community and the general public using open, clear communication.


Genomic Expression

PCR Assay

We breed and manipulate the genetic expression of our mice using specialized genetic lines and viral vectors to enable our researchers to analyze how particular regions of the brain respond to different behavioral experiments.


Behavioral Expression

Arnold the mosue

Our team develops and employs various experiments such as the elevated plus maze—highlighted in the above photo—and foot shock tests, to analyze and compare behavioral markers.


Neurological Activity

Specialized miniscopes, optogenetics, and/or calcium imaging are utilized to assess the neuronal activity within the brain and it's correspondence to various behaviors.

How does the brain generate emotions and control survival behavior?

Featured Research

Many research projects in the Fadok Lab are focused on understanding how highly-organized neuronal circuits come to generate and control behavior. Specifically, we are interested in behaviors that have evolved to promote the health and well-being of the organism. Examples include responses to dangerous, or threatening situations, as well as behaviors related to reward.

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Authors Chandrashekhar Borkar, Jonathan Fadok, Eric Le and Claire Stelly discuss research



Our Team

The members of our lab are a unique group of individuals that share a similar interest in mental illness and behavioral research through the lens neuroscience.

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News And Updates


Dr. Fadok is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!

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2024 Fadok Lab Graduating Class

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The lab members hanging out at the lab BBQ

The 2024 Lab BBQ!

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