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The Lab Celebrates Our Graduating Seniors

We are sad to see our undergraduate seniors leave Tulane, but, it is not without celebration of their accomplishments and hard work. We know that they will thrive in their future endeavors and we will...

The lab members hanging out at the lab BBQ

The 2024 Fadok Lab BBQ

This Saturday the lab gathered for an annual roasting of food, playing games, and enjoying the afternoon! We applaud everyone for their hard work this year and celebrate our graduating seniors.

Undergrads present posters at NTC

Undergraduates Paul Stolin (Left), Chloe Friedman (Center), JP Ott (Right), and Owen Brown (not pictured); present posters detailing their work in the lab at NTC.

Undergraduates present at TRICS

TRICS Poster Presentation

Three of our undergraduate researchers presented this week at TRICS. Thamidul Alam (left) presented "Investigating Central Amygdala Dependent Dynamics in Fear Extinction", Owen Brown (right) presented...

SSEG/SynBio Symposium

Two of our undergraduate researchers, Chloe Friedman and JP Ott presented their work in the lab at the SSEG/SynBio Symposium.

Dr. Fadok Writes for Psychology Today

"Taming the Amygdala in PTSD" is the second installment of Dr. Fadok's blog with Psychology today where he discusses resent findings in PTSD research. Previously Dr. Fadok wrote about the brain body...

Authors Chandrashekhar Borkar, Jonathan Fadok, Eric Le and Claire Stelly discuss research

The Lab's Paper in Nature is finally published!

The Fadok lab worked with the Tasker lab to finally release our paper in Nature. Our esteemed authors Chandrashekhar D. Borkar, Claire E. Stelly, Xin Fu, Maria Dorofeikova, Quan-Son Eric Le, Rithvik...